Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute to mothers of the world!

I know it is a bit too late to wish Happy mother's day to all the moms in my life. The first one goes to my beloved mother Hajah Jameah Binti Zaimat. She has always been a great mother to me. The mother who is always understanding and cool even though I was quite naughty and out of control when I was a kid. I will always miss my mum's cooking.

My Mum, Jameah Binti Zaimat

The second one goes to my grandmother Allahyarhamah Rokiah Binti Daud. Since I grew up in Kampung (Kuala Kangsar) with my grandparents in my early childhood, Pah (my grandmother) is like my second mother. May Allah bless her soul.

Next one goes to my mother-in-law, Hajah Zuraidah Binti Awang Kechik. I really admire her for her determination to raise all her children despite the hardship that she had to endure. I want all my children to have her courage and determination.

Last but never the least, to the mother of my children, Azimah Dollah, the love of my life. Thank you for giving me such wonderful, adorable and cute children. The greatest gift of all time. Thank you for the never ending love that you gave to me and the kids. We will always be by your side in good times and bad times. I want the world to know how great a mother you are. To Aleeya, you are her Supermum, to Ammar, you are his Ultramum, and to me you will always be that fantastic mother who always puts her family second to none. Love you so much!

The mother to my two kids, Azimah Dollah

This message goes to all the magnificient mothers in the whole universe!
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