Monday, July 20, 2009

Hope gives you wings

Salam to all. It's been awhile since I had been 'disconnected' with my blog. Two weeks of travelling weekends and the wedding ceremony of my sister kept me busy like crazy. I could still feel the dizziness. Alhamdullilah, everything happenned as planned and well. Surprisingly, in the middle of everything, I have managed to do some development program for my junior rugby team. With the Under 14 Rugby Tournament organized by MRSMKT coming next month, I really have to pull my act together. I guess I was lucky to have my current Under 16 players to help me with the training. On the 13th to 15th July the first "BRaInS U-14 Inter -House Rugby Sevens Tournament" was held. It was the first time such tournament was ever held in the school. The four houses compete to be the champion. Here are some photos of the whole event.
The Yellow House

The Red House

The Green House

The Blue House

Round 1 The Reds Vs The Blues

The Greens Vs The Yellows

The Lineout

The evasive running

The supportive crowd

The tackled and the fallen

The final game: The Blues vs The Greens
The Blues won this match 21 - 0

The Play-maker
The Rugby Spirit- Respect and Friendship
The Winner- The Blue House
Special Thanks to Quiyum's generous parents for sponsoring the hamper

At the end of the game I could see that there is a future for the junior team. If only I could be more focus and more serious with coaching, I believe that they can go the distance. There are always challenges that lies ahead. The nearest is I have to take care of the kids because my wife is going for a course until next week. Looks like the kids will have to spend their evenings at the school field while I do some coaching. I don't want to see that as a problem really. My aim is to equip the team with good skills and advanced tactical play. The rest... well... they will have to figure it out as a team. I hope that the leadership in the team would work out well. Go Lightning BRaInS!
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