Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Call Of Duty

It's time to pack my things and leave my wife and kids again..... It seems easy for some people but not me. For the past two days my wife has been having a fever and due to that the doctor gave her two days medical leave. She had been working too hard I guess, maybe the body is trying to tell her to have a break. I could never make any decision on my 'duty' until this morning, when she said that she was going to school and she had to attend a very important meeting at PPD Setiu. From the conversation between her and the Co-Academic officer yesterday, I had a feeling that the people in PPD are putting a lot of trust in her especially when it comes to organizing big events. The kids, well, they are too young to understand the duty of their father. I never want them to know if I am leaving.

Unlike an ordinary teacher whose duty is mostly bound in school, I play a bigger role. I am a Rugby Referee. It is the passion that brought me to this profession and I enjoy doing it. Rugby is always the greatest show on earth for me. Most of the time I'll be refereeing for National Level schools tournament, so, normally I will be present at all the MSSM, SBP Tens, KRM-Milo and COBRA invitation. This week I'm going for COBRA Tens Invitation. It's a two days tournament 26 -27 June 2009.

I am glad that I am blessed with an understanding wife who understands the role that I am playing. Since we got back to Terengganu I got a lot of games to referee all over the country. My wife has become more independent and she has no problem in handling the kids. Thank God they are growing up pretty fast! At my age I can still enjoy an active life and I don't have to worry about any health problem. This is probably the benefits that I gained for being actively involved with this sport. I just couldn't imagine if I am just spending my time sitting in the staffroom and bore myself with all the clerical work. As for my duties in school as an English Language teacher, I never leave school without giving assignments and homework to my students. 10 years of experience teaching SBP schools, I always put academic ahead of everything. I always tell my rugby players if they perform in academic they will always have a place in the school team. Those who did not perform can only play for inter-house level tournament in school.

This year Terengganu wil be represented by SMK Lembah Bidong (My wife's school) for U16 COBRA Invitation. There will be three other countries participating in this tournament Taiwan, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka (if I'm not mistaken) The H1N1 worries me a bit since a number of schools had been closed due to this outbreak. Hopefully all the players are tough enough to resist the virus.
National Rugby Referees

To all my brothers-in-arms The National Rugby Referees, it's been great to hang out with you guys! Once in a while there will be a new experience learned, skills to be improved and jokes to be shared. I never feel that there is a gap between us even though I am among the junior referees around. One common quality that all the rugby players and rugby fans share is that we are brothers, we share the same passion and we are not divided by the colour of our jerseys. Above all.. We are gentlemen!
U15 Clifford School 1992
In memory of an old skool rugger. Al-Fatihah to my friend Zulkifli a.k.a Malek

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cliffordians reunited at last !

Life is full of surprises and coincidence. For the past 15 years I've been trying to reconnect myself with my classmates and friends in my secondary school. Time passed by so fast and many things have changed and it seemed impossible to find my fellow Cliffordians. I never give up hope because something tells me that one day I shall find them. Thank God there is, I finally managed to rediscover long lost friendships.

Once a Cliffordian..always a Cliffordian

I was very surprised to get a message through facebook from my pet sister Kak Liza. I met her when I was in form 3 and she was in lower 6 at that time. She used to be my partner for a pantomime presentation and MC for a couple of events in school. We share quite a lot of memories together in school. Since I studied in an all boys school, I did not get to know a lot of female students. However, having co-ed form six students in the school gave me a different perspective of a relationship . Having the chance to make friend with my pet sister has widened my view of friendship. The last time I heard from her was when she joined the armed forces. I never thought someone so soft and tender like her would become an 'iron lady'. To Kak Liza (Norhasliza Hashim) I am really thankful for all the wonderful memories we shared together and encouragement you gave me! At least it helped me a little when I got to a female dominated TESL programme! For your information I was very close to enroll myself to be an army officer after SPM, however my parents disagreed to that and they wanted me to choose teaching career instead. I guess it is my destiny to become a teacher and I am enjoying every second of it.

The enigmatic old building of Clifford secondary School

My next surprise also came from when my former classmate and dormate Naim added me in his contact list. He was the only guy that I share the same name in school. Naim is the name that my family members use to call me. In fact, some of my relatives didn't even know that my full name is Naiman. Anyway, since we stayed in the same class and the same dorm, I was quite comfortable using my full name to differentiate us. We both were the members of silat association. It seemed like an avalanche of joy when I got to rediscover my old friend Rosasmawi Ismail. I have lost contact with him since I got posted to Labuan. When I look back at the Class of 1994 photo (below) I think I have managed to piece half of the puzzle and I believe I will complete the big piece of the puzzle soon. My hope is that one day we all shall come back to Dewan Hamdan (the school main hall) as Cliffordians...True Cliffordians!. It is sad to learn about the lost of my three friends Zulkifli a.k.a Malek, Zulfikar and Rosli a.ka. Bros (Al-Fatihah)

5v1 Class of 94 in memory

The two weeks holiday was not really a holiday for me as I had to rush back early to Terengganu. This year's preparation for SBP Tens was the worst in my history of coaching, the students got back a day before we headed for Kluang , Johor. I did not expect much since two of my key players suffered injuries and one player fell ill. Well, they managed to achieve beyond my expectation. Even tough they got to the 4th Division (Shield) the team played well and they made it to the quarter finals. I'm glad that with only 14 players, we survived without any injury. Congratulations to my Lightning Brains! Next time we'll go for more!

Lightning BRaInS Super 14

Two big events take place this week. The Malaysia-Asean School Linkage Program which I was invited by SMK Lembah Bidong to be one of the facilitators (thanks to my wife) and also The Co-curriculum Day of SBP Integrasi Batu Rakit.

My former student Aisyah from Labuan who happened to join the Malaysa-ASEAN School Linkage Program

What a small world! When I was offered to teach a group of students consist of ASEAN students. I did not really know what to expect. I did some preparation and rehearse the lesson a little bit (since I wanted to make a good impression to my wife's students and also to the ASEAN students). I waited anxiously in the class. The moment the ASEAN students walked into the class I immediately reccognized a familiar face and a familiar badge. She was my ex-student from Labuan. I remembered teaching her when she was in form 3 and now she is already in form 5. Even though it has been two years I had left Labuan, Labuan shall always be a part of my life. I really treasure all the good times and bad times. Labuan will always be close to me at heart.

Alhamdulillah all those sweet memories of the past are coming back to me in a different light. I'm glad I have made it this far and I'm also glad to know that all my friends are also doing well. To all my friends and students, may Allah bless all of you with a happy and fulfilling life and that one day we shall all be reunited in heaven.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have cool will travel!

Dubai Rugby Sevens (Just love watching the actions!)

The holiday started sooner than I thought. Too busy invigilating examination, I leave the marking part to another day (procrastination is the essence of time... hehe). Since a lot of events happen during this holiday, HKSBP, SBP Tens and so on and so forth, I had to make sure that all the letters to the parents and students' pocket money were well taken care of. Luckily ,I don't have to go to HKSBP in Putrajaya, if not all my holidays are gone. I wondered why the hell is this year's SBP Tens held during the school holiday. One thing I don't like is that it spoils the holiday and another I don't get to do the intensive training. I know my boys are still learning, the least that I can do before the tournament is to give them conditioning activities to get them fit and mentally prepared for the tournament. Anyway, hopefully the trainings that we had before the holiday and some friendly matches would help them a little bit. To all Lightning Brains Ruggers, I have faith in you guys! May the light be with you!

It's time to get into action! Just hope that I can still mantain my blip-test result!

As planned, I spend the first week of my holiday in KL with my parents. My wife just love going back to KL and so as the kids. After months of hectic schedule, continous meeting, choralsical and rugby tournaments, I finally got to take my wife and the kids to enjoy ourselves doing some shopping and sightseeing in town. Above all these, I treasure the quality time that we had together. I just hope that my wife would be happy with all the books that she bought because we rarely got to find ourselves a nice bookstore like MPH.

Me and my son Ammar

The kids are really enjoying themselves, just look at Ammar, everywhere he goes there is always an ultraman waiting for him. Aleeya is now getting herself into workbooks and learning activities. I won't hesitate spending money on those kinds of stuff. It's an investment for the future!

Andy McNab's Seven Troop

Behold people, this is the brand new novel that I got for myself. It is a modern warefare tale about a member of Special Air Service operative. War is always my kind of genre. I've got a collection of war movies, spy movies, war games and a few warplane models. I guess kids nowadays are more obsessed with PS2 games, they don't really learn anything about war. Perhaps this is my first collection of war novel and hopefully it won't be the last. Even though I like this genre so much, I am a man of peace, trust me! I just love to read about the tale of courage and bravery.

I just love the SAS motto "Who Dares Wins" I hope I could inspire my rugby team with these words and boost their motivation. As a coach I will never give up hope in anything because I believe in what I'm doing! See you guys in the 10th SBP Tens Rugby Tournament in Kluang Johor!

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