Thursday, August 13, 2009

Something Worth Fighting For .... Winning

Plate Champion
MRSM Kuala Terengganu U14 Open
XKT Cup 2009

There is a big difference between winning and losing. It takes all our courage and determination to make that score. It is surely not easy to take all the blows before you can get to ground the ball. All you need is to believe in yourself first. I am happy to mention here that I have gained something for all the efforts that I had put in to build up this junior U14 team. Congratulations boys! You are truly the heroes in the eyes of the 'BRaInS'. It is so far the best achievement in the history of BRaInS Rugby.

At the beginning, I selected 20 best players from the Inter-house sevens to be recruited as the junior for under 14 team. These boys were new to the game and needed a lot of trainings to prepare them for such 'high profile' games. I knew very well for schools like MrsmKT, SESMA and SMK Sultan Ismail, the players were given intensive trainings on most aspects of physical strength and fitness. Theoretically speaking the boys need to be physically conditioned first before they can actually advance to contact games like rugby. Due to time constrain and limited knowledge to PE, I sort of fused the drills and fitness trainings. Size is always my problems since my boys are quite 'small'. When size does matter, I had to make sure that these boys have the most important element in rugby that is 'tackle.' I was surely glad that we have the equipment for tackling practice. Within three weeks of intensive trainings I began to see that these boys were really serious in their trainings. It gave me that motivation to push for more. What I managed to concentrate on was only basic skills and simple tactical plays. I did not put so much hope at first because I personally know that I have not given enough. "Rome was not built in one day" the proverb that I taught my students in class really taught me to be patient and persevere. I just want the boys to have the experience to play in a real rugby tournament. That was all that I hoped for, nothing more.

Under 14 and Under 16 ( in red)

Playing Jack of all trades all the way is never an easy job.

I owed so much to my U-16 team for helping me with the trainings. At least they provide me with some rooms to prepare for other things. Thanks to Naim, Qaiyum, Che Din, Zul and the gang. They were willing to sacrifice the chance to see their family over the weekend just to be with their juniors. It was really worth sacrificing after all.

Finally, the D day came as expected. One thing that I did not expect that day was my family's visit. There was nothing much that I could do to make the house ready for guests. What I managed to do was only making it look manageable. Thanks to my lovely wife for taking care of everything at home. I owe you a lot. Love you, dear! :)

Well, here's the summary of the matches

Grouping Group B

BRaInS U14 Vs SMK Tok Jiring


we got the second place in the group

Knock out round CUP


Advance to PLATE Category

Semi Final PLATE

BRaInS U14 Vs SMK Tengku Bariah


BRaInS U14 Vs MRSM Kuala Berang
After Sudden Death Penalty Kick

The victory was finally concealed after the dramatic sudden-death penalty kick when the game ended in a tie. It was the captain who made sure that he would be the one taking the winning trophy. I could see the quality in Hafiz as the captain. He is a prolific leader who created opportunities and he made the most try scoring points in all the games. I just hope that he'll play more rugby in the future and I shall make him a better player.

Hafiz The Charismatic Captain

It has been a wonderful experience for me, the team, and all of BRaInS rugby players. The medals were presented during assembly and the boys were really proud to receive their medals from the principal. In his speech, the principal congratulated the whole team and gave his words of encouragement. It was a moral booster for me. Since I started to develop rugby in BRaInS, this is the best achievement so far. I shall go for more because I know
Rugby is something worth fighting for!

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