Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The sands of time

What a year it was! It has been almost two years that I'm back in Terengganu. Looking back at all the events and things that happened within these two years, I guess I have made the right decision to come back. It feels like moving with the speed of light. Life is so colourful and filled with meaningful events. Rugby is definitely what keeps me moving all the time.

Despite being busy with my rugby schedule, this year I decided to take on "the task" that I have refused to do for the past ten years. The only thing that I had to sacrifice was the training sessions. The U15 tournament was held two weeks after PMR examination and at that time I was still struggling with "the task". I really wish that I have someone who could help me with the training, unfortunately I didn't.

Knowing the constraints that I had to face I did not put high hopes to win the tournament. My goal is only to make it to the semi finals at least. I managed to have a series of friendly matches before the tournament. We felt honoured to be invited by SMKA Tok Jiring to have a friendly match as an opening event for their newly lined rugby field. Both of our U15 and U16 team won the matches. Alhamdulillah...

As promised by the Majlis Sukan Negara, our delayed coaching course was finally rescheduled on the 5-8th of November 2009. The course combined three states in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia; Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang. Even though it is a basic course (level one), I learned a lot of new things that I overlooked all these years.

As the host state for this course, we felt glad that this course was a success despite heavy rain and flood. Thanks to the facilitators Mr Afendi, Mr Mat Rat, Pak Hitam and Cikgu Hamid of Malaysian Rugby Union. They are the masters of this game for many-many years!

As for the Lightning Brains, thank you for your commitment! This year we have achieved a lot of success in local tournaments and also SBP Tens and we have made a lot of progress compared to last year. Next year we shall make it better.

It's time to relax for a while before the next season reopens. Happy holiday!
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