Friday, August 6, 2010

My prayers will always be with you guys..May Victory be on our side.

All in high spirits and singing the song of courage!

This year marks the tenth year that I took the responsibility to develop students' talent in the game that I love the most - Rugby. The feeling was very different when I first took this responsibility last ten years. I was very inexperienced at first, having put to handle a new team at that time, SMS Labuan. All the experience during my years in Clifford school really gave me some ray of light on how to train my students plus my experience playing for Labuan Club. Yet at that time I had Rohit who was an experienced rugby player in his university years. Both of us made a good combination to take on this challenge.

Ten years had passed so quickly, now I'm already in my new school SBP Integrasi Batu Rakit. When I first came to this school, rugby was not a popular game. Nobody played rugby in the evening as most students were more attracted to football. Not many really turned out when I first had a rugby practice. I never gave up hope, I used all means of propaganda that I could use such as videos, pictures and even the display of rugby jerseys that I had just to attract the students' attention. It worked and more students turned out for training. This time I didn't have anyone to help me and I was all alone. These boys were in form two at that time. They were still very small but they've got a big heart. Even when I gave them hard training session, they soldiered on. I knew then that they were going to shine one day and would become good rugby players. The first two years, we hardly won any matches. The training got even tougher every time and they persevered. This year they are already in form four and all the pain pays off. The team gets more mature and they have started winning game after game.

Today, SBP Tens is here to come for 2010. It is the peak of rugby tournament, the biggest rugby tournament in all Malaysian school level. This year I had to choose between my passion for rugby and my family, since my 3rd baby is arriving very soon. There is nothing more important for me than my family. I know the boys are very independent, especially having a coach who is a referee. I have trust in them that they are going to do just fine. It's hard to let the boys go without me. Knowing that they've got Naim (my assistant) who's like a dear brother, gives me some assurance.

To all The Lightning BRaInS, fight like a true warrior on the field, utilize all the knowledge and skills to the fullest and the most important is to always keep your spirits high and courageously fight for victory. May Allah be with you and protect you from any danger. My prayers will always be with all of you and May Victory be on our side.


amiechomel said...

Good luck! Go Lightning BRaInS!

~aku boy~ said...

wah!!!! terharu baca usaha cikgu..
Im the one of ur student dulu yg ikut ragby jgk! itulah pengalam ragby saya yg pertama dan terakhir wlupun sy tak terpilih tuk mewakili sekolah...myb sbb badan saya kecil..
cikgu ingat tak nama kimon? saya la tu...nice to c ur blog...

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