Monday, January 5, 2009

New year with a heart full of fire!

Happy New Year to all, its been awhile since I get to update this blog. December was full of events and I was kept occupied the whole month. I was so overwhelmed when a huge delivery arrived at the school. I did not expect so much but it really suprisesdme when I read the list of items being delivered. I personally thanked Cikgu Man (Pengetua SMTWT) for his recommendation and his effort to equip my school with rugby facilities. As you can see these are some of the items that we get for rugby development.

The tackling bags! for fearsome and bone-crunching-tackle

This is perhaps the most precious and most anticipated! The Scrum Machine
I don't think the school can afford it if we were to buy it!

Trident scrum machine one of the most high quality equipment in the market

Body armour for beginners in contact sports

Wedge contact shield for cushioning the high impact during ruck and maul

A whole lot of balls from training to high quality match balls

Well, these are only half of what we got, the rest are training equipment and Ihope to make full use of them during the training. To all the junior players of Lightning Brains, you guys are lucky because we get to put all these into play. With the best facilities in training I would hope for a whole new field to be prepared.

I was never so overwhelmed and so motivated as a coach, referee and manager like this year. All I need now is a bunch of strong hearted players with the nerves of steel to take on the challenges and I shall make them passionate rugby players with creative and intelligent mind. Rugby will never be the same again for Lightning Brains! Because today my heart is so full of fire!


amiechomel said...

Yeah that's the spirit. Keep the fire burning, ok?

amiechomel said...

bila nak update blog daaaa!?

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