Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's time to relax and reflect!

This year's rugby events started earlier than I expected. MSSKTU, MSST and Liga terengganu were conducted simultaneously. Not having enough time to train the students I had to resort to my under 15 team since they played U15 game last year. Even though we lost all the games, I hoped that the boys gained experience and it helped to built their confidence in the game. Being a referee myself, I referee more than I did coaching. MSSM 2009 took place in Malacca and it had taken all my holiday. Pity my wife and kids because they didn't get to enjoy the holiday with me. Anyway, that's life as a referee. Now that all the tournament started to slow down a little bit, it's time for me to catch up with them.

Mus, Pak Din, Me and Jefidin on our last assignment
game Perak Vs Negri Sembilan

Pak Din is one of the senior referees that I've met. I still remember him because he refereed some of the games I played during schooling days. I enjoyed being part of the MSSM Rugby referees panel, even though I only get to referee only for one game. It was a valuable experience that I gained. The last game did not turn as good as I expected. I anticipated this game so much because Perak is playing. As a Perakian myself, I was very dissapointed with the attitude that was shown by the Perak bench. As coaches and teachers, I think they should respect the referee on the field and also assistant referee. Perak may have good players but they were spoilt by the bad attitude shown by the coaches and officials. In years to come I hope none of this will ever happen again. Jef handled the game well that day and he even gave the Perak coach a red card.

The "not so" young referees


The IRB Level One and Cobra coaching course 2008

I wanted to write about this post last year. The reason why I could do so was because these photos were with Tun and I've lost contact after the course was over. However, last week my wife happened to meet him at T-Confra meeting and he gave me these 'valuable' photos. Thanks Tun! It's the only testimony of my achievement as the best IRB-Cobra Course Participant. For me it's a knowledge gain and a moral booster. Thanks to MSST and also Cobra.

Me and Robo!
Best IRB-Cobra Course Participant
with my present "England Jersey"

Bro Lan, Tun and Me

2008 IRB-Cobra Course Participant
Cobra House, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

To the Lightning Brains, I shall give my full commitment to the training and the development of the team. As a referee, there is a lot of things to improve in refereeing. I may not be the best yet but I am willing to go the distance.


amiechomel said...

Way to go! However, kalaulah boleh luangkan masa bawak kitorang pegi holiday sekali sekala, laaaaagi best!

Naiman Ghazali said...

Sure thing when I'm free and available.

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