Monday, March 30, 2009

There is nothing left to loose!

Me and my sifu Tn Hj Shahrir

"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that is why it is called a present" The words of master Oogway in the movie kung fu panda. I find these words are inspiring. I can never alter the past, I know not what challenges lies ahead however, if I could do something now I'll be more prepared in the future. It's been ten years since I got involved with MSSM rugby plus those old skool days. I've met a lot of people and learn new experience. I always admire the charisma of my sifu as a coach and a teacher, he never give up hope on his students. Even though our school team back then was not as good as the MCKK's but we trained hard and we fought bravely. I think in my capacity now I can do more.

This year's line up for SBP tens remain a secret. Since the under 15 team is made up of form three students I need to give them some room to focus on PMR. As an alternative to that I will have to take some form four students to be in the line up. I'm still looking for form one students to play for the under 15 team. Some of them who had attended the trainings earlier on withdrew form the team due to parents' restriction. I was quite dissapointed a little bit because parents are still skeptical about the rugby. From my experience, I have seen a lot of potential in the students being develop through this game. One is developing students physical strength and ability. Two is developing high capacity of thinking and intelligence. When these two combined, you'll have a fully develop individual. Maybe the nature of this game is rough and aggressive but it make a real gentlemen out of hooligans. I remembered my former school mate Saiful Bahari, he was quite a 'gangster' in school. When he joined the school's rugby team he changed totally to a better person and most suprisingly he was selected to play for the national team in 1993. He is now a medical assistant in Hospital Grik.

My sifu has done a great job for making me who I am now and I thanked him for that. It is my time now for my school. Hope is the thing with feathers, if you believe in it you can fly!

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