Sunday, April 26, 2009

From Kuala Terengganu all the way to Mount Kinabalu

View from Promenade Hotel, overlooking the waterfront

It was a trip down the memory lane. I could still remember the morning I was transported along with a large group of teachers to KLIA for our first posting. At that time, Labuan was still under the administration of JPN Sabah, so I had to go to KK first before going to Labuan, which was my home for the next 8 years. The only difference now, it's been a decade of teaching and I got the chance to make another trip to Kota Kinabalu. I arrived at Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 airport late in the evening. My friend Angah welcomed me since her school is just nearby. She took me around the town area to refresh my 'navigation system' since there has been a lot of development in the town area. I guess I still got the touch and sense of direction around the town. I really felt welcomed coming back to KK. There was always somebody I know around, my students and friends. I purposely chose Promenade Hotel because the location is at the center of everything. Overlooking from the hotel windows I could see what used to be Anjung Senja Kota Kinabalu which is now making way for a new development. Things change for the better. It was the first night for me in KK after two years I transferred back to Terengganu. I spent a restless night thinking of presenting my Commonwealth Action Research Paper to a panel of School's Inspectorate. Since the time difference between Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia is one hour, I had to sleep early because the day started early and I would be driving to Ranau the next day.
" I wish I could hibernate longer"

I woke up as early as 4a.m. and packed up all my things because I had to check out of the hotel immediately. Pn. Zaleha (The Officer from EPRD ) had rented a car so that we don't have to take a taxi that would cost us double. It was a smooth journey and eye refreshing to see all the greenery. I arrived at Pekan Ranau at 7.30am so I still have an hour before the presentation. As promised, I called my friend Shamrin as soon as I reach Ranau. He used to be my colleague back in SM Sains Labuan. It's been so long that we have not met each other.

"World's Highest Via Ferrata Sky Walking on Mount Kinbalu"

When we arrived at PKG Ranau at 8.20am, I was surprised to see that a group of school inspectorates (Nazir) were already waiting for us. I guess I was the only teacher around because the rest were either Officers from Kementerian or Nazir. Pn. Zaleha did all the introduction and she presented "Education for All" paper first. I felt a little bit nervous at the beginning, however since everybody was so interested to hear from me, I managed to deliver well. The feedback from the Nazirs were positive. I felt good because this is the first international paper that I have produced and the first time I got to present it in such occasion.

"This is the place where all the vegetables were gathered and ready to be transported"

These are some of the items sold at Kundasang vegetable market. I wish I could bring some back to Terengganu but I doubt it could be fresh when I arrive in KT.

"busy bees"

"Strawberries and Honey"

After the presentation we went straight to Kota Kinabalu town to do some shopping. Philipines Market was our prime target because everything we want is there. I'm not much a shopaholic especially when it comes to ethnic stuff.

The all new Kota Kinabalu Airport

After doing some shopping, I took Pn. Zaleha to the airport. I was amazed at the changes made, it was nothing like the old one. I took sometime to explore the new airport and I was impressed with its design. There were 10% left I guess before the construction completes. I waved Pn. Zaleha good bye and went straight to Terminal 2 KKIA. I guess this is not going to be the last trip to KK because this is the land of birth for my son Ammar. We'll come back for more. Insyaallah.

Me at Kota Kinabalu International Airport


Adam Tajuddin said...

It's great isn't it to receive good feedback for your presentation, otherwise the sleepless night you went through will be such a waste, haha.

amiechomel said...

teringin la pulak nak gi KK... Jom gi holiday ke tanah tumpah darah Ammar jom!

Meet Uncle Shah said...


Sir, airport KK tu masih blum siap 100% still under construction.

Anyway, nice looking right?

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