Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Call Of Duty

It's time to pack my things and leave my wife and kids again..... It seems easy for some people but not me. For the past two days my wife has been having a fever and due to that the doctor gave her two days medical leave. She had been working too hard I guess, maybe the body is trying to tell her to have a break. I could never make any decision on my 'duty' until this morning, when she said that she was going to school and she had to attend a very important meeting at PPD Setiu. From the conversation between her and the Co-Academic officer yesterday, I had a feeling that the people in PPD are putting a lot of trust in her especially when it comes to organizing big events. The kids, well, they are too young to understand the duty of their father. I never want them to know if I am leaving.

Unlike an ordinary teacher whose duty is mostly bound in school, I play a bigger role. I am a Rugby Referee. It is the passion that brought me to this profession and I enjoy doing it. Rugby is always the greatest show on earth for me. Most of the time I'll be refereeing for National Level schools tournament, so, normally I will be present at all the MSSM, SBP Tens, KRM-Milo and COBRA invitation. This week I'm going for COBRA Tens Invitation. It's a two days tournament 26 -27 June 2009.

I am glad that I am blessed with an understanding wife who understands the role that I am playing. Since we got back to Terengganu I got a lot of games to referee all over the country. My wife has become more independent and she has no problem in handling the kids. Thank God they are growing up pretty fast! At my age I can still enjoy an active life and I don't have to worry about any health problem. This is probably the benefits that I gained for being actively involved with this sport. I just couldn't imagine if I am just spending my time sitting in the staffroom and bore myself with all the clerical work. As for my duties in school as an English Language teacher, I never leave school without giving assignments and homework to my students. 10 years of experience teaching SBP schools, I always put academic ahead of everything. I always tell my rugby players if they perform in academic they will always have a place in the school team. Those who did not perform can only play for inter-house level tournament in school.

This year Terengganu wil be represented by SMK Lembah Bidong (My wife's school) for U16 COBRA Invitation. There will be three other countries participating in this tournament Taiwan, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka (if I'm not mistaken) The H1N1 worries me a bit since a number of schools had been closed due to this outbreak. Hopefully all the players are tough enough to resist the virus.
National Rugby Referees

To all my brothers-in-arms The National Rugby Referees, it's been great to hang out with you guys! Once in a while there will be a new experience learned, skills to be improved and jokes to be shared. I never feel that there is a gap between us even though I am among the junior referees around. One common quality that all the rugby players and rugby fans share is that we are brothers, we share the same passion and we are not divided by the colour of our jerseys. Above all.. We are gentlemen!
U15 Clifford School 1992
In memory of an old skool rugger. Al-Fatihah to my friend Zulkifli a.k.a Malek


adyhollowgurlz said...

gud luck,sir!!!!!

amiechomel said...

have a safe journey... and PLEASE come back ASAP! we miss u already!

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