Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have cool will travel!

Dubai Rugby Sevens (Just love watching the actions!)

The holiday started sooner than I thought. Too busy invigilating examination, I leave the marking part to another day (procrastination is the essence of time... hehe). Since a lot of events happen during this holiday, HKSBP, SBP Tens and so on and so forth, I had to make sure that all the letters to the parents and students' pocket money were well taken care of. Luckily ,I don't have to go to HKSBP in Putrajaya, if not all my holidays are gone. I wondered why the hell is this year's SBP Tens held during the school holiday. One thing I don't like is that it spoils the holiday and another I don't get to do the intensive training. I know my boys are still learning, the least that I can do before the tournament is to give them conditioning activities to get them fit and mentally prepared for the tournament. Anyway, hopefully the trainings that we had before the holiday and some friendly matches would help them a little bit. To all Lightning Brains Ruggers, I have faith in you guys! May the light be with you!

It's time to get into action! Just hope that I can still mantain my blip-test result!

As planned, I spend the first week of my holiday in KL with my parents. My wife just love going back to KL and so as the kids. After months of hectic schedule, continous meeting, choralsical and rugby tournaments, I finally got to take my wife and the kids to enjoy ourselves doing some shopping and sightseeing in town. Above all these, I treasure the quality time that we had together. I just hope that my wife would be happy with all the books that she bought because we rarely got to find ourselves a nice bookstore like MPH.

Me and my son Ammar

The kids are really enjoying themselves, just look at Ammar, everywhere he goes there is always an ultraman waiting for him. Aleeya is now getting herself into workbooks and learning activities. I won't hesitate spending money on those kinds of stuff. It's an investment for the future!

Andy McNab's Seven Troop

Behold people, this is the brand new novel that I got for myself. It is a modern warefare tale about a member of Special Air Service operative. War is always my kind of genre. I've got a collection of war movies, spy movies, war games and a few warplane models. I guess kids nowadays are more obsessed with PS2 games, they don't really learn anything about war. Perhaps this is my first collection of war novel and hopefully it won't be the last. Even though I like this genre so much, I am a man of peace, trust me! I just love to read about the tale of courage and bravery.

I just love the SAS motto "Who Dares Wins" I hope I could inspire my rugby team with these words and boost their motivation. As a coach I will never give up hope in anything because I believe in what I'm doing! See you guys in the 10th SBP Tens Rugby Tournament in Kluang Johor!


amiechomel said...

agaknya bilakah novel itu akan habis dibaca yer...? hehehe!

Naiman Ghazali said...

once i'm done with marking i will surely have time to bury myself with this book.

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